We are seeking for speakers to share their experience, expertise, opinions and best practices in AgeingFit conferences.

If you are interested, please contact Marion Loizurot.

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International experts’ roundtable discussions will foster exchanges between the Silver Economy’s stakeholders: from start-ups to larger companies, long-term care providers and hospitals, healthcare system payers and regulatory authorities, research institutes, associations as well as investors.

  • Ad van Berlo
    Manager R&D
    The Netherlands Smart Homes
  • Adriana Díaz
    Communities Manager
    Spain ECHAlliance
  • Afroditi Maria Konidari
    Director & Co-Founder
    United Kingdom Tendertec
  • Anne Champagne
    Managing Director
    Belgium Arémis & Cité Sérine
  • Anne-Kathrin Illner
    Associate Professor, Human nutrition, prevention and population health sciences
    France UniLaSalle
  • António Lindo da Cunha
    Executive Director, Laboratory of Automatic and Systems
    Portugal Instituto Pedro Nunes
  • Araksya Topchyan
    Global Segment Manager Medical Nutrition
    Swiss DSM
  • Camille Chambonniere
    PhD Student
    France Laboratoire AME2P, INRAE
  • Carl-Johan Robertz
    Medical Innovation Director
    Sweden Ramsay Santé Innovation Hub
  • Charles Bark
    France HiNounou Sensio
  • Daniel Crabtree
    Research Fellow
    United Kingdom University of the Highlands and Islands
  • Daniel Hansson
    Healthy ageing expert
    Sweden Junoverse
  • Daniel Molinuevo
    Research Manager
    Ireland Eurofound
  • David Kat
    Business Development & Investor
    The Netherlands Olive Diagnostics
  • Deepankar Nayak
    United Kingdom Deep Longevity
  • Francisco Flórez-Revuelta
    Professor, Department of Computing Technology
    Spain University of Alicante
  • Grace Gimson
    United Kingdom Holly Health
  • Guido Iaccarino
    Full Professor of Internal Medicine
    Italy University of Naples Federico II
  • Guy Leitersdorf
    Israel Longevity AI
  • Heiko Schmidt
    Longevity/AI specialist
    USA Ahead
  • Hugo Paredes
    Senior Researcher
    Portugal INESC TEC
  • Iuliana Popescu
    Research scientist
    USA Barnstable Brown Diabetes Research Center, University of Kentucky
  • Jackie Marshall-Cyrus
    Senior Lecturer Adult Nursing
    United Kingdom University of Worcester
  • James Mayer
    Canada CABHI Ventures
  • James Somauroo
    Co-Founder & CEO
    United Kingdom SomX
  • Jan Adams
    Venture Partner
    Germany Apollo Health Ventures
  • Jéssica Morais
    Belgium imec-SMIT-Vrije Universiteit Brussel
  • Johannes Kropf
    Co-Founder & CTO
    Austria Salumentis
  • John Farrell
    Belgium RSCN
  • Jonathan Gómez Raja
    Chief Scientific Officer
    Spain FundeSalud
  • Jordi Ferrer
    Investment Director
    Spain Ship2B Ventures
  • Joris Deelen
    Research Group Leader
    Germany Max Planck Institute for Biology of Ageing
  • Karina Muller
    Co-Founder & Managing Director
    USA Motivity Care
  • Linda Mizun
    Emergency Medicine Doctor & Board Certified Lifestyle Medicine Doctor
    United Kingdom Hero of Health
  • Lorraine Morgan
    Founding Director - Stakeholder Engagement and Partnerships
    United Kingdom Jackie’s Revolution CIC
  • Maaha Suleiman
    Founder & CEO
    United Kingdom CareAIgo
  • Maddalena Illario
    Department of Public Health, R&D Unit Coordinator
    Italy Federico II University & Hospital
  • Manfred Ruthsatz
    Executive Director
    Swiss Nutrition+HealthCARE
  • Marc Lange
    Secretary General
    Belgium EHTEL
  • Marta Torre
    France Institut des Sciences du Mouvement, Aix Marseille Université & CNRS
  • Martin Frölander
    Founder & CEO
    Swiss Junoverse
  • Mathias Schlögl
    Chief Medical Officer Geriatric Medicine
    Swiss Clinic Barmelweid
  • Mathieu Philippe
    France Colville Capital Partners
  • Merja Tepponen
    Chief Development Officer
    Finland South Karelian Social and Health Care district
  • Nil Meral
    Project Manager & Gerontologist
    Belgium TheGerontechnologist.com
  • Nina van der Vaart
    Grant Consultant
    The Netherlands Evers + Manders Grant Consultants
  • Patrick Kessel
    CEO & Co-Founder
    Swiss PeriVision
  • Peter Munch
    Board Member
    Denmark TakeAWalk VR
  • Peter Varnai
    Partner, Health & Life Sciences
    United Kingdom Technopolis Group
  • Piret Hirv
    Estonia Estonian Connected Health Cluster
  • Rémi Lecouffe
    Medical Director
    France Santélys
  • Robert Konrad Maciejewski
    CEO & Co-Founder
    Swiss Biolytica AG
  • Sara Gonçalves
    Co-Founder & CEO
    Portugal Actif
  • Sergio Polakof
    Senior researcher
    France INRAE
  • Shimrit Samuel
    AI Specialist
    Israel Corporate Development Executive, Angel Investor
  • Simone Tomaz
    Postdoctoral Research Fellow
    United Kingdom University of Stirling
  • Sophia Amenyah
    Registered Nutritionist & Postdoctoral Research Fellow
    United Kingdom Bournemouth University
  • Stefan T. Kroll
    International Affairs & Business Development, Management Board
    Swiss terzStiftung
  • Susie A. Ruff
    Founder & Executive Advisor
    Denmark RUFF & CO. Business Innovation
  • Tess den Uyl
    Research Consultant
    The Netherlands VicarVision
  • Tim van de Geijn
    Program Manager Innovation
    The Netherlands Sevagram
  • Victoria Lamour-Chambon
    Chief Development & Strategy Officer
    France INDIENOV
  • Wim Van Boghout
    Group Chief Innovation Officer
    France Korian
  • Yakov Ozer
    CEO & Co-Founder
    Czech Republic HealthyLongevity.guide

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