Good Boost, WeWalk
and Blackwood Homes & Care
elected most innovative projects in the sector

Good Boost, represented by Ben Wilkins was awarded as the most innovative project.

Good Boost is a social enterprise working in partnership with community, leisure and health teams to create community-delivered therapeutic exercise and wellbeing programmes. Good Boost follows a human and experience centred approach, with all their solutions being co-designed and co-produced with our beneficiaries and stakeholders to create solutions that are fit-for-purpose, creating local health & wellbeing services. To date they have demonstrated how their services improves physical function, pain and overall quality of life.

Good Boost works extensively with leisure venues, gyms, swimming pools, libraries and more to create local community capacity for healthy ageing, with the majority of participants being 55+.

Good Boost are delivering in 80 venues in the UK and on track to grow to 250 by December 2023, creating a nation-wide service for Healthy Ageing delivered in existing community spaces and growing internationally from this summer.

WeWALK, represented by Jean-Marc Feghali came in second and earned the silver medal.

There are approximately 253 million visually impaired people worldwide, and many rely on the white cane, a simple tool primarily designed to provide ground-level obstacle detection. By equipping the white cane with modern technology, WeWALK delivers a safer and more independent mobility experience to visually impaired people.

WeWALK is more than a product, it fosters social inclusion by empowering visually impaired people.

Heather Duncan’s BlackWood Homes and Care took the bronze medal.

Blackwood Homes and Care has a 50 year legacy of accessible house design and using technology to help people live their lives to the full. Blackwood has over 1600 properties across Scotland, three care homes and delivers care at home. Peoplehood is a programme led by Blackwood which also includes 9 partners across industry and academia. This trailblazing programme will create a place-based menu of products and services, physical and virtual, which supports people as they age. Everything we do at Blackwood is making the most of our expertise and is co-designed with people who have lived experience.


Session 1 – March 6th – 2.00 – 3.30 pm


Good Boost: A.I Technology | Personalised rehabilitation & well-being | Clinically effective

 Holly Health: Digital | Health | Well-being

Innerva: Health | Movement | Rehabilitation

University of Leeds – AquaLub: Xerostomia | Saliva Substitute | Aqueous lubrication

University of Leeds – Echome: Physical activity | Creative expression | Sound and movement interactivity

University of Lille – NutriSpa: Fragility | Physical activity | Nutrition

Session 2 – March 6th – 4.00 – 5.00 pm


 Emobot: Mental Tech | AI | Emotion

 PacSana: Wearable | Monitoring | Alerts

PIPRA: Prevention | Risk-Assessment | Delirium

Roble App: Active ageing | Digital Health | Predictions and alerting

Tendertec: Agetech | AI | Caregivers

Session 3 – March 6th – 5.15 – 6.15 pm


TheiaScope: Low vision Equipment | Autonomy | Well-being

 WeWALK: Visually impaired | Mobility | Technology

WHEEL-E: Manual wheelchair | Autonomy | Mobility



BraXiere et Cetera: Well-being | Autonomy | Ergonomic

KYMIRA – MISFIT: Sportswear | Wearable Technology | Healthy Aging

Session 4 – March 7th – 10.30 am – 12.15 pm


Blackwood Homes and Care: Independent | Age-friendly | Neighbourhood

Community of Sant’Egidio: Social isolation | Assessment of frailty | Health and social integration

Golf in Society: Dementia | Carers | Loneliness

Local Treasures: Healthy Aging | Work in later life | Flexible working

 Motivity Care: Elder Care | Agingwell | Mental Health

Play Well For Life Ltd – Squiboon: Codesign | AI | Loneliness



GYLB: Aging in place | Long term care | Home equity

Payelo: Payment | Fintech | Caregivers

Session 5 – March 7th – 2.00 – 3.00 pm


Unforgettable experiences: Cognition | Creative | Impactful

Eyeclick – Obie: Interactive play | Social intraction games | Clinically effective

 Memory Matters CIC: Dementia | Ageing | eHealth

Pendulum: Dementia | Wandering behaviour | Door Handle

 Senopi: Cognitive therapy | Virtual Reality | Medical device

CABHI is a supporter of the 2023 Innovation Pitches

The pitch winner will get access to CABHI discounted services along with the CABHI Leap Prize (one end user engagement focus group or survey via CABHI’s Leap platform).
Plus, the top three companies will receive complimentary tickets and virtual booths at CABHI’s 2023 Virtual Summit on March 22.


  • Yael Benvenisti, CEO, Mediterranean Towers Ventures
  • Jordi Ferrer, Investment Director, Ship2B Ventures
  • Martin Frölander, Founder & CEO, Junoverse
  • Jonathan Gómez Raja, Chief Scientific Officer, FundeSalud
  • David Kat, Business Development & Investor, Olive Diagnostics
  • Victoria Lamour-Chambon, Chief Development & Strategy Officer, INDIENOV
  • Cécile Lecland, Innovation R&D Engineer, Damart
  • James Mayer, Senior Manager ,Investments & Venture Services, Centre for Aging + Brain Health Innovation
  • Jéssica Morais, Researcher imec-SMIT, Vrije Universiteit Brussel
  • Carl-Johan Robertz, Medical Innovation Director, Ramsay Santé Innovation Hub
  • Shimrit Samuel, AI specialist, Corporate Development Executive, Angel Investor
  • Heiko Schmidt, Longevity/AI specialist, Ahead
  • Wim Van Boghout, Group Chief Innovation Officer, Korian Digital Transformation Office
  • Caroline Weste, Start-up Manager Silver Economy, Eurasenior

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