Company Position Country
Technopolis Group Principal Health and Life Sciences United Kingdom
How will the Silver Economy evolve along technology paths and across borders in the next decade?

Peter has a wide-ranging interest in linking innovative science and technology to policy and business applications. Peter has led a number of evaluations and strategic studies of national and EU policies and programmes focussing on the scientific, economic, and societal impacts arising as a result of these interventions. Peter trained originally as a chemical engineer and obtained MEng degree from Budapest University of Technology and Economics. Peter also holds a DPhil degree from the University of Oxford and an MBA from Imperial College Business School. Prior to joining Technopolis Group, Peter was an academic researcher at the University of Cambridge, University of Sussex and at the CNRS in France.
Peter is currently pursuing studies into the silver economy and active and healthy ageing, as he believes that there are many opportunities across the public and private sectors where new technologies and services can transform the lives of older people. This transformation is just starting, and it will open up new directions for future social progress and economic growth.

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