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Holly Health CEO United Kingdom
Entrepreneurs’ checklist for successful scaling of healthy ageing innovations

Grace Gimson is CEO and cofounder of Holly Health, where she leads strategy, operations, marketing, brand, user experience and business development. A graduate of the University of Birmingham with a BSc in Business Management, Grace led operations & marketing at global corporations including Microsoft, Aldi and Facebook, before finding her true passion in startups. She was an early hire at Deliveroo, a UK food delivery company that IPOed for $7 billion – launching the brand in 40 markets and establishing much of their internal operations. She then joined the leadership team at Scape Technologies, a computer vision startup where she ran a 100-city mapping project leading up to Scape’s acquisition by Facebook in 2020. Raised by a family of engineers, Grace grew up surrounded by technology and technological innovation – deciding as a teenager that she wanted to one day create a multinational technology company to help optimize human experience. With Holly Health, she is doing just that – bringing an accessible, compassionate and personalized digital health coach to market via a mobile app that helps people create and succeed in starting and maintaining the right healthy habits to optimize their long-term health and wellbeing. Grace lives in London and enjoys learning new skills in her free time, especially physical ones – she has completed 400 skydives, competed in triathlons and marathons, and really loves to be up a mountain, or under the sea.