An Innovation Gallery at the heart of the exhibition space

For the 5th edition of AgeingFit, it was in a digital showroom that were presented the innovations and prototypes developed in favor of ageing well and the prevention of dependency of seniors.

All the elements presented in the Gallery come from different projects led by Eurasanté, the Hauts-de-France economic development agency: Silver Surfer 6.0, Seas2Grow, Silver SMEs and Age’in. Some of them also come from projects led by start-ups supported by the Eurasanté Bio-Incubator and Bio-Accelerator.

The national Silver Surfer 6.0 call for projects, launched for the first time in 2015, aims to stimulate the ecosystem of associations, companies, health professionals, research laboratories and start-ups in the Hauts-de-France region by encouraging them to propose innovations based on new technologies to meet the challenges of ageing.
     > Highlights to be discovered at AgeingFit 2021: AWARD CEREMONY AND PRESS CONFERENCE SILVER SURFER 6.0

The Interreg SEAS 2 Grow project aims to accelerate the emergence of technological and social innovations in the 2 Seas area (England, France, the Netherlands and Belgium), by providing new tools, services and methods for all actors involved in the silver economy (companies, local authorities, elderly people, care institutions). This enables the elderly to benefit from innovations that better correspond to their needs in order to improve their quality of life.
     > Highlights to be discovered at AgeingFit 2021: AgeTech Accelerator International: New perspectives from the SEAS 2 Grow project

The SILVER SMES project aims to identify and implement regional strategies for SMEs and entrepreneurs to seize the opportunities offered by the Silver Economy sector.
    > Highlights to be discovered at AgeingFit 2021: SILVER SMEs – Info local day

The AGE’IN project aims to enable the ageing population to remain independent for longer at home or in a chosen accommodation, to combine housing adaptations and the development of a real local ecosystem for the elderly. The project also promotes the establishment of partnerships in relation to digital solutions and applications and a shift in policies towards the prevention of loss of autonomy of the elderly.
     > Highlights to be discovered at AgeingFit 2021:Plenary session : The Age’in Project : How to age well in place in the 2 seas Zone

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