Discover the winners of the 2024 innovation pitches

Relive the highlights of this 8th edition, through the energy, innovation and ideas that animated AgeingFit 2024

Discover the 2024 innovation pitches winners

For this 8th edition, 20 projects were selected to be presented in front of a jury experts at Lille Grand Palais on March 11th and 12th, 2024. The winners of the pitch sessions are Biel Glasses, PhenomX Health and Cubigo.

Award for most innovative project

bielglasses 2

Biel GlassesDevice & Assistive solutions category
Low vision | Mixed reality | Artificial Intelligence

Smart glasses that solve mobility issues of people with low vision. The glasses use spatial computing (AI and Robotics) to understand reality, and mixed reality to adapt this information to the remaining vision of the users so they can perceive it and move around safely.

Silver medalist for most innovative project

PhenomX HealthPersonalised Health category
Wellness | Menopause | Personalised nutrition

PhenomX Health is a B2B2C, precision nutrition for midlife and healthy ageing. They provide personalised nutrition and scientific wellness solutions adapted to all socio-economic statuses. Their consumers benefit from latest health science and molecular nutrition systems.

Bronze medalist for most innovative project

CubigoCare Coordination category
Artificial Intelligence | Happy Ageing | Resident centric

Cubigo is developing a data-driven AI scoring solution to enable Resident Happy Aging. It is a multi-dimensional model fueled by data from 4 key domains (Individuality, Purpose, Social, Health). The model provides insights in with a remediation plan to improve resident-centric

The 2024 Innovation Pitches were supported by CABHI

The Centre for Aging + Brain Health Innovation (CABHI) is an accelerator and early-stage investor targeting health tech, life sciences, and fintech companies that intersect with aging, brain health, and improving quality of life for older adults. CABHI is Canada’s most active agetech investor.

The pitch winner gets access to CABHI discounted services along with the CABHI Leap Prize and the top three companies will receive complimentary tickets and virtual booths at CABHI’s 2024 Virtual Summit.

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