Interested in AgeingFit’s innovative projects ?

This year again, AgeingFit, the European event fostering innovation for well-being in older age will showcase the latest innovative projects selected by our Steering Committee.
Join the event and discover projects in personalised health, nutrition, prevention, care coordination, social innovation, device & assistive solutions, remote care and care support.

22 projects were selected to be presented to potential partners and investors on March 11th and 12th, in Lille.

Discover the pitchers of the March 11th session

Aroma Science : Neuroprotection | Oxidative stress | Clove extract

PhenomX Health : Wellness | Menopause | Personalised nutrition

Care.Foormi : Health-as-a-service | Embedded insurance | Data value

Ikarians Healthtech : Application | AI | Personalisation

REFLEKS (Queen Mary University of London) : Osteoarthritis | Personalised medicine | Preventative care

Five lives : Brain health | Dementia prevention | Healthy ageing

Sab medical inc. : Digital health | Artificial Intelligence | Remote patient monitoring

Artois University : Artificial Intelligence | Elderly people | Language

Cubigo :  Artificial Intelligence | Happy Ageing | Resident centric

L’adaptelier : Care | Fashion | Circular

Ethicam : Ethical monitoring | Remote caregiving | Cameras

The Future Care (UK) Ltd : Remote Monitoring | Seniors | Telecare

University of Castilla-La Mancha : Smart mirror | Physical activity | Geriatric assessment

Discover the pitchers for the March 12th session

Biel Glasses : Low vision | Mixed reality | Artificial Intelligence

Eargym : Hearing | Dementia | Correlation

Inawa Développement : Lumbo-Pelvic-Hip complex | Tele-rehabilitation | Low back pain

Odix : Low back pain | Rehabilitation | Ageing population

Phlecs Light & Health : Itching | Hypertension | Depression

Cohabitons au vert : Co-living | Participative | Countryside

Hello Art Up : Map | Cultural heritage | Together

Innlandet Hospital Trust : Conversational agent | SMILEbot | Chronic disease

Longevity Hub : Retirement | Active ageing | Digital buddy

CABHI supports innovation pitches for the 2024 edition

CABHI is a Canadian center for brain health and aging. Their mission is to help innovators develop, disseminate and scale innovations in the aging and health sector. It’s a unique collaboration between different players in the aging well sector (researchers, clinicians, academics…).

The pitch winner will get access to CABHI discounted services along with the CABHI Leap Prize (one end user engagement focus group or survey via CABHI’s Leap platform).
Plus, the top three companies will receive complimentary tickets and virtual booths at CABHI’s 2024 Virtual Summit.

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