Discover the winners of the 2024 innovation pitches

Relive the highlights of this 8th edition, through the energy, innovation and ideas that animated AgeingFit 2024

Discover the 2024 innovation pitches winners

For this 8th edition, 20 projects were selected to be presented in front of a jury experts at Lille Grand Palais on March 11th and 12th, 2024. The winners of the pitch sessions are Biel Glasses, PhenomX Health and Cubigo.

Award for most innovative project

bielglasses 2

Biel GlassesDevice & Assistive solutions category
Low vision | Mixed reality | Artificial Intelligence

Smart glasses that solve mobility issues of people with low vision. The glasses use spatial computing (AI and Robotics) to understand reality, and mixed reality to adapt this information to the remaining vision of the users so they can perceive it and move around safely.

Silver medalist for most innovative project

PhenomX HealthPersonalised Health category
Wellness | Menopause | Personalised nutrition

PhenomX Health is a B2B2C, precision nutrition for midlife and healthy ageing. They provide personalised nutrition and scientific wellness solutions adapted to all socio-economic statuses. Their consumers benefit from latest health science and molecular nutrition systems.

Bronze medalist for most innovative project

CubigoCare Coordination category
Artificial Intelligence | Happy Ageing | Resident centric

Cubigo is developing a data-driven AI scoring solution to enable Resident Happy Aging. It is a multi-dimensional model fueled by data from 4 key domains (Individuality, Purpose, Social, Health). The model provides insights in with a remediation plan to improve resident-centric

The 2024 Innovation Pitches were supported by CABHI

The Centre for Aging + Brain Health Innovation (CABHI) is an accelerator and early-stage investor targeting health tech, life sciences, and fintech companies that intersect with aging, brain health, and improving quality of life for older adults. CABHI is Canada’s most active agetech investor.

The pitch winner gets access to CABHI discounted services along with the CABHI Leap Prize and the top three companies will receive complimentary tickets and virtual booths at CABHI’s 2024 Virtual Summit.

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AgeingFit, the European event fostering innovation for well-being in older age will return to Lille on March 11th and 12th, 2024, for its 8th edition. This annual meeting brings together more than 600 participants each year including care organisations, researchers, and investors. The event offers participants the opportunity to attend a variety of international conferences, to present their project during the Innovation Pitches competition, to increase their visibility thanks to the exhibition area and to schedule one-on-one meetings to meet future partners.

Conferences to tackle the main challenges facing the sector

In a world that’s constantly evolving and where the population is ageing significantly, the need to rethink the way we are dealing with ageing is becoming paramount. The conference programme of AgeingFit 2024 is designed with this objective. Structured in 4 tracks, it addresses the most important issues in the sector, and is a must for those who want to stay at the forefront of emerging trends.

A new conference track dedicated to social and societal innovations

This year’s AgeingFit programme introduces a new dimension focusing on social and societal innovations. It provides an opportunity to explore emerging issues and showcase the change-makers working on mental health and social inclusion topics. A first roundtable will be structured around the latest technological innovations to face the issues related to the mental health of seniors. Experts such as Shahnaz Hassan, consultant psychiatrist at Iron Rose Wellbeing, will present case studies and innovative solutions aimed at reconciling older people’s independence with their mental health. A second session will focus on solutions and initiatives for caring for seniors in rural or isolated areas. This topic presents specific challenges that will be addressed by experts. Among them, Iñaki Bartolomé, CEO of Ideable Solutions (an IoT company in the Basque Country which develops mobile applications and cloud computing systems, notably Kwido, a healthcare app designed to monitor the seniors) and Joana Portugal, Deputy Director and Head of the Active Ageing and Dependency Unit at Aproximar (a Portuguese social innovation cooperative). They will discuss the obstacles to be overcome in the field, as well as digital health tools that can improve care in remote rural areas.

Healthy ageing: from prevention to care

During these two days, discussions will also focus on the prevention, diagnosis, and age-related pathologies treatments. Experts will look at strategies and initiatives that support a holistic approach to the health of older people: a major challenge that makes it possible to tackle topics such as nutrition, personalised care, physical activity, and prevention strategies.

In a sector that is constantly reinventing, participants will also have the opportunity to dive into the development of innovations in the Silver Economy. Speakers will take the floor and share their experiences on how to access the market with, for example, the panel focusing on “Taking healthy ageing to the next level: Are new sources of capital investment the key and where to find them?”. These exchanges will provide an insight into access to capital investments, a key factor in the development and dissemination of innovation. Among them: Alexandre Faure, Founder and CEO at Sweet Home, Jordi Ferrer, Investment Director at Ship2B Ventures (impact investor focused on improving health and quality of life of vulnerable people) or even James Mayer, Partner at CABHI Ventures (Centre for Aging + Brain Health Innovation).

A talk will also be held on the design and creation of products, services and innovations technologies that must constantly respond to the evolving of needs of an ageing population.

In addition to these dimensions, the conference programme will also focus on innovation in the field of care in institutions or at home. Experts will identify barriers to the use of technology in these establishments and discuss the role of technology in addressing staff shortages.

The conference programme promises an unprecedented spotlight on the healthy ageing challenges. This meeting is a unique opportunity for professionals and innovators to collaborate, learn and shape the future of the sector.

AgeingFit, the event that goes beyond the borders of Europe

Each year, AgeingFit also gives start-ups the opportunity to present their project during the Innovation Pitches competition. For the second consecutive year, CABHI is supporting this competition and will award the first three winners with a prize, including a privileged access to a North American networking event. Discover the list of pitchers selected for this 8th edition, in categories covering the Silver Economy such as: nutrition, personalised health, prevention, care coordination, care support, remote care, device & assistive solutions, and social innovations.

In addition to these activities, AgeingFit allows companies to increase their visibility thanks to an exhibition area: an unmissable for those who want to present their innovations, exchange and to be close to the participants. Finally, an online platform for one-on-one meetings will allow participants to exchange ideas and meet future partners.

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Interested in AgeingFit’s innovative projects ?

This year again, AgeingFit, the European event fostering innovation for well-being in older age will showcase the latest innovative projects selected by our Steering Committee.
Join the event and discover projects in personalised health, nutrition, prevention, care coordination, social innovation, device & assistive solutions, remote care and care support.

22 projects were selected to be presented to potential partners and investors on March 11th and 12th, in Lille.

Discover the pitchers of the March 11th session

Aroma Science : Neuroprotection | Oxidative stress | Clove extract

PhenomX Health : Wellness | Menopause | Personalised nutrition

Care.Foormi : Health-as-a-service | Embedded insurance | Data value

Ikarians Healthtech : Application | AI | Personalisation

REFLEKS (Queen Mary University of London) : Osteoarthritis | Personalised medicine | Preventative care

Five lives : Brain health | Dementia prevention | Healthy ageing

Sab medical inc. : Digital health | Artificial Intelligence | Remote patient monitoring

Artois University : Artificial Intelligence | Elderly people | Language

Cubigo :  Artificial Intelligence | Happy Ageing | Resident centric

L’adaptelier : Care | Fashion | Circular

Ethicam : Ethical monitoring | Remote caregiving | Cameras

The Future Care (UK) Ltd : Remote Monitoring | Seniors | Telecare

University of Castilla-La Mancha : Smart mirror | Physical activity | Geriatric assessment

Discover the pitchers for the March 12th session

Biel Glasses : Low vision | Mixed reality | Artificial Intelligence

Eargym : Hearing | Dementia | Correlation

Inawa Développement : Lumbo-Pelvic-Hip complex | Tele-rehabilitation | Low back pain

Odix : Low back pain | Rehabilitation | Ageing population

Phlecs Light & Health : Itching | Hypertension | Depression

Cohabitons au vert : Co-living | Participative | Countryside

Hello Art Up : Map | Cultural heritage | Together

Innlandet Hospital Trust : Conversational agent | SMILEbot | Chronic disease

Longevity Hub : Retirement | Active ageing | Digital buddy

CABHI supports innovation pitches for the 2024 edition

CABHI is a Canadian center for brain health and aging. Their mission is to help innovators develop, disseminate and scale innovations in the aging and health sector. It’s a unique collaboration between different players in the aging well sector (researchers, clinicians, academics…).

The pitch winner will get access to CABHI discounted services along with the CABHI Leap Prize (one end user engagement focus group or survey via CABHI’s Leap platform).
Plus, the top three companies will receive complimentary tickets and virtual booths at CABHI’s 2024 Virtual Summit.

In 2023, one of the winners of the AgeingFit Innovation Pitches was WeWALK

WeWALK, represented by Jean-Marc Feghali came in second and earned the silver medal.

There are approximately 253 million visually impaired people worldwide, and many rely on the white cane, a simple tool primarily designed to provide ground-level obstacle detection. By equipping the white cane with modern technology, WeWALK delivers a safer and more independent mobility experience to visually impaired people.

WeWALK is more than a product, it fosters social inclusion by empowering visually impaired people.

Discover below the feedback from Dr Jean Marc Feghali, Head of Research and Development

Presenting our UKRI-backed project at AgeingFit was a truly productive experience, especially given the event’s highly relevant audience. From investors to developers, our introduction to France’s silver economy was accelerated, further bolstered by our silver medal win. On behalf of Gokhan and the WeWALK team, I reiterate our gratitude to AgeingFit and UKRI’s Healthy Ageing Challenge for facilitating such an enjoyable experience. Indeed, we are now better equipped to support our international visually impaired community.

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CABHI supports  the  2024  Innovation  PitchesThe pitch winner will get access to CABHI discounted services along with the CABHI Leap Prize (one end user engagement focus group or survey via CABHI’s Leap platform).
Plus, the top 3 finalists will receive complimentary tickets
and virtual booths at CABHI’s 2024 Virtual Summit.Les trois premiers lauréats obtiendront des billets gratuits et des stands virtuels à l’événement digital CABHI Summit 2024.

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In 2023, one of the winners of the AgeingFit Innovation Pitches was Good Boost

Good Boost, represented by Ben Wilkins was awarded as the most innovative project.

Good Boost is a social enterprise working in partnership with community, leisure and health teams to create community-delivered therapeutic exercise and wellbeing programmes. Good Boost follows a human and experience centred approach, with all their solutions being co-designed and co-produced with our beneficiaries and stakeholders to create solutions that are fit-for-purpose, creating local health & wellbeing services. To date they have demonstrated how their services improves physical function, pain and overall quality of life.

Good Boost works extensively with leisure venues, gyms, swimming pools, libraries and more to create local community capacity for healthy ageing, with the majority of participants being 55+.

Good Boost are delivering in 80 venues in the UK and on track to grow to 250 by December 2023, creating a nation-wide service for Healthy Ageing delivered in existing community spaces and growing internationally from this summer.

Discover below the feedback from Ben Wilkins, CEO

Ben Wilkins


The AgeingFit conference has been a great opportunity to have so many collaborative conversations with other outstanding innovations and organisations working in healthy ageing. We’re delighted to have won the gold prize for the most innovative project in Europe and the collaborative conversations that have been generated, we’re excited for the 2024 AgeingFit conference!

In 2022, one of the winners of the AgeingFit Innovation Pitches was Phlecs

Phlecs is a Dutch start-up founded by 4 former PHILIPS employees with many years of experience in photo-dermatology. Over the last 15 years extensive clinical research has been conducted on photo-dermatology treatments using UV-free LED lighting. Many studies have been published that show the efficacy of blue light therapy for the treatment of skin diseases such as Psoriasis, Eczema or itching. New studies, not yet published, confirm the safety and effectiveness of blue light therapy for the treatment of inflammatory skin diseases such as elderly itching. The Phlecs Full Body Blue Research device that has been introduced last year after obtaining the medical CE certification. The device is currently used by dermatology clinics to do research on blue light and will be used in large nursing homes that have the facility to provide the treatment. Phlecs has initiated the development of a Full Body Home connected device that brings therapy at patient’s bed with 2 patent filings this year. This device will be launched in 2026, sold to nursing homes and home care service providers.

Discover below the feedback from David Aubert, Co-Founder & Director 

Phlecs is delighted to receive the Ageing Fit 2022 innovation award, for their Ful Body Blue Light device that leverages more than 15 years of clinical research and technology development originated at Philips. Elderly itching impacts significantly older adults’ quality of life and current treatments have important limitations due to overmedication, potential side effects and the time it requires to provide skin care. Ageing Fit 2022 was the perfect place for Phlecs to introduce its innovation, the Full Body Blue Light, a phototherapy device that treats elderly itching, and related comorbidities such as hypertension and depression. Ageing Fit 2022 has been very successful for us, we have made many contacts with potential customers and partners. We are grateful to receive this award because it will help us to increase the market traction and convince investors for the Series A round, we have just initiated.

James Mayer (The Centre for Aging + Brain Health Innovation – CABHI) talks about the challenges of healhty ageing in Canada and the US.

CABHI is a unique collaboration of health care, science, industry, not-for-profit and government partners whose aim is to help improve quality of life for the world’s aging population, allowing older adults to age safely in the setting of their choice while maintaining their cognitive, emotional, and physical well-being.

During AgeingFit 2023, James Mayer participated in the “Insights into innovation strategies of residential care providers” panel. CABHI was also a supporter of the 2023 Innovation Pitches.

Jan Adams (Apollo Health Ventures) talks about the interest around the ageing biology.

Apollo Health Ventures is a transatlantic early stage Venture Capital firm actively co-founding and investing in transformative healthcare companies targeting age-related diseases and aging itself.

During AgeingFit 2023, Jan Adams participated in the “Biology of ageing and healthy lifespan expansion: Examining what we do and do not know about the ageing process” panel.

Victoria Lamour-Chambon (Indienov) talks about the evolutions of the healthy ageing ecosystem.

INDIENOV is on a social impact mission to contribute to the independence of fragile people and to facilitate their autonomy by innovating by all means.

During AgeingFit 2023, Victoria Lamour Chambon participated in the “What are the current proposed business models for prevention products and solutions?” panel.