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In this document, you will find all the information you need about the 3rd edition of the first european business convention dedicated to innovation in the healthy ageing sector.

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And the winner is… Triple W!

During this 2nd edition of AgeingFit, 11 innovations were honored this last 7th February, 2018.

Among these 11 innovations, the company Triple W introduced DFree and won the Pitch Innovation Prize.
DFree is a wearable device which can predict when somebody needs to go to the bathroom. It analyzes the change of the bladder size by ultrasound sensors to predict the timing of urination.

©Triple W, DFree

We would like to provide our product DFree to 10M people until 2020 and make it as a new standard senior care with dignity without putting pressure to family or caregiver as we believe that can help people in the world . We already feel that AgeingFit and this prize help us a lot to develop our internationalization to achieve this goal. That was the exact reason why we joined the Pitchs Innovation so that we  very appreciated this opportunity and we would like to continue to find good partners or supporters to challenge together to create better life for our futur.” Naomi Marie, from Triple W.

In this brochure, you will find all the information you need about the 2nd edition of the European event to boost the business and innovation partnerships in the Senior Care market

Discover the 11 projects which will be presented during AgeingFit :

iRejuvenation is a aesthetics patient record built with surgeons to secure and optimise the everyday practice of aesthetics practioners.

AromaCare make accessible to everyone the use of essential oils for everyday health an well being personal aromatherapy session thanks to ready-to-use capsules.

Unlike other air purification devices, Novaerus produces no harmful by products. It is perfectly safe for use around children and vulnerable populations. Their technology is efficient, easy to install and economical for commercial, industrial and healthcare environments.

Codesna provides a Medical Device solution, Physioner, that allows you to assess regularly the physiological balance and risk of chronic stress of a person in 2 minutes from a measure of their Heart Variability.

This project aims at developing a shared and solidary home with a transplantable intergenerational & territorial economic model to promote elderly autonomy, favors health prevention and boost social interactions between generations.

Cycléo is a connected exercise bike offering a virtual ride adapted to elderly. Thanks to Virtual Reality, Cycléo simulates the escape of a bike ride while respecting the state of health and mobility of the resident.

iFACILOTAB is a touch pad specially design for seniors: Everyday applications like email or SMS messaging, photo recording, internet access or calendar have been optimised for the use by elderly.

Kwido is a multidevice cost-effective solution for caring for elderly people. It includes a wide range of features: telecare & teleconsultation (videoconferencing), social apps, chronic disease monitoring, medicine taking.

The Morphee+ device is a fall detection system that protects people privacy through lack of image capture and that solves the problem of forgetting and rejecting mounted sensors.

By using partners’ expertise, this e-service gives access as a one-stop shop to a resources centre with personalized solutions, to «e-Best Practices» as qualified solutions to daily-life events at risk of fragility and dependence and to a digital coaching against bad ageing.

Triple W makes a wearable device called «DFree» which can predict somebody needs to go to the bathroom. It analyzes the change of the bladder size by ultrasound sensors to predict the timing of urination.


Innovation Pitches will take place on 7th February 2018 between 12.00 am and 3.30 pm on the Innovation Area.


Discover the speakers of the plenary session!

The Silver economy covers many products and services using technologies (home automation, sensors, connected objects…) to cover the needs and demands of seniors over 50.
The sector deals with the heterogeneous and difference of consumption between working retirees and dependent older people and evolves within a complex financing ecosystem that does not facilitate a clear definition of the sector stakeholders relationships.

Can we predict that the Silver economy will become a fully-fledged sector of activity where companies currently involved, would feel included, despite the diversity of their activities?
What are the current initiatives to make the Silver economy a clearly established economic and industrial sector?
What will be the future initiatives to make this sector clearly economic and industrial?

That is a subject as delicate as it is interesting, that we will be happy to debate with the plenary session dream team on 6th February from 11.30 am to 1.00 pm.

Moderator: Astrid Stuckelberger, President, Geneva International Network on Ageing (CH)

Alain Legros, General Manager, Balder SPRL (BE)

Jean-Michel Lheureux, Director Statistics and Methods, AViQ (BE)

Peter Varnai, Principal Health and Life Sciences, Technopolis Group (UK)

Ian Spero, Founder, Agile Ageing Alliance (UK)

Riyad Karim, Business Development Manager, Lancaster Hammond (UK)

Ashok Ganesh, Director of Innovation, CEN-CENELEC (BE)

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Every week the AgeingFit team will share news about new participants, supporters and exhibitors.


 They will participate in AgeingFit 2018

  • Dov Sugarman, Co-CEO, Mediterranean Tower Ventures, IL
  • Yael Benvenisti, Board Member, Shilo Association and Milav Corporation for Elderly Populations in Haifa, IL

 They support AgeingFit 2018

Many thanks to our last Supporters for joining us to AgeingFit 2018: TICBIOMED, Cap Digital, EHPPA, ADI Normandie and more.



Every week the AgeingFit team will share news about new participants, supporters and exhibitors.


 A new partnership for AgeingFit 2018

We are pleased to confirm that Frédéric Serrière from Age Economy will be contributing to the 2018 edition of AgeingFit by conducting a statistical study accross Europe. The results will be presented during the event, where they will feed the discussion on two of our conference sessions.

 They will participate in AgeingFit 2018

  • Francis Brichet, Director of Health, Coreye, FR
  • Danièle Abdelnour, Accessibility Programme manager,  RATP, FR
  • Riyad Karim, Business Development Manager, Lancaster Hammond, UK
  • Ana Jegundo, Project Manager, Caritas Coimbra, PT

 They support AgeingFit 2018

Many thanks to our last Supporters for joining us to AgeingFit 2018: EDE, SEHTA, LPEA and more.