During #AgeingFit2019 you will have the chance to discover the white paper “Neighbourhoods of the Future” produced by Agile Ageing Alliance in partnership with the Tata Steel.

“Neighbourhoods of the Future sets out to qualify what better actually looks like. Authored by preeminent cross-sector experts and thought leaders, the report envisages the development of “smart” intergenerational age-friendly neighbourhoods. These neighbourhoods would comprise ‘cognitive homes’ which are affordable, sustainable, easier and more efficient to construct and be connected directly with the high-tech systems tailored to meet the diverse needs of an ageing population.” Henrik Adam, Chief Commercial Officer of Tata Steel Europe

Ian Spero, Founder of the Agile Ageing Alliance, will present the publication from 11:30 AM to 12:30 PM on January 30th, during the conference “Smart cities and Neighbourhoods of the Future: What are the challenges and opportunities in designing age-friendly solutions?”

More informations > https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/neighbourhoods-future-open-business-ian-spero/