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06th March,2023 Plenière

Faced with an ageing population, Europe is now moving towards a lifelong approach to health, which entails taking into consideration a set of determining indicators throughout a person’s life. Leveraging these variables should lead to better care and the identification of preventive healthier interventions for more active ageing, minimising the occurrence of age-related conditions and frailty.

As following a person’s life course to better prevent health decline requires a consistent coordination, how are public organisations and silver economy key players preparing to play their part in enabling a more preventive health system?  What are the existing solutions and approaches to lifelong prevention? How to better integrate care pathways to strengthen these preventive efforts? How can we improve our preventive health capacity and what role can new technologies play? How to efficiently aggregate a person’s data to treat them on the long term? What are the prospects for the next few years in this area and what role do silver economy innovators have to play in implementing lifelong prevention? To what extent can care providers also contribute to this pivotal change in the way people are cared for and supported?

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