Company Position Country
Nutricia Global Senior Medical & Scientific Affairs Director The Netherlands
Cognitive decline: Which strategies would enhance the adoption of a healthy ageing diet as a preventive strategy?

Patrick Kamphuis is Global Senior Medical Director, Adult Care, Danone Specialized Nutrition, and heads up worldwide medical and scientific affairs for the adult medical nutrition portfolio at Nutricia, the specialized nutrition business of Danone, headquartered in Amsterdam, in The Netherlands. Patrick and his team collaborate with healthcare professionals from around the world to make the clinical benefits of adequate nutritional care for patients and older people known and recognized broadly.

Patrick started his career in research in 2001 at Danone Nutricia Research as a scientist leading various scientific and clinical projects in different disease areas, researching the role and impact of nutrition in managing various paediatric conditions as well as Alzheimer’s Disease.

Since his appointment as Director Neurology Research in 2008 he held various R&D leadership positions in numerous Danone Nutricia Research locations. In the most recent position as Global R&D Director Adult Therapeutic Areas and Life Sciences, Patrick was responsible for innovation and (pre)clinical research in the therapeutic areas frailty, oncology, critical care, dysphagia and stroke as well as Alzheimer’s Disease.

Patrick obtained his PhD in Neurosciences in 2001 at the Rudolf Magnus Institute of Neuroscience, Department of Medical Pharmacology of the University of Utrecht. He is the author of peer-reviewed publications in the fields of neurosciences, geriatrics, immunology, endocrinology and paediatrics.