Mel Barsky is a Director at the Centre for Aging + Brain Health Innovation (CABHI).  CABHI, led by Baycrest Health Sciences, helps innovators develop, disseminate, scale, and promote adoption of promising innovations in the aging and brain health sector. CABHI was formed as a unique private / public collaboration that has raised over $200M and has levered an additional $70M+ for investing in validation testing in the brain health and longevity sector. To-date, CABHI has funded ~450 projects globally. CABHI innovators and companies have secured over $560M in follow on investments.

Mel co-leads Investments & Venture Services at the Centre for Aging + Brain Health Innovation. He invests in health tech, life sciences, and fintech companies that impact aging older adults. Currently, CABHI is the most active Seed investor and Canada’s second most active VC investor. CABHI is also the most active Agetech investor in North America.

Prior to CABHI, Mel was Co-Founder, President & COO of healthtech company INTERVENT Canada.  INTERVENT has served over 2.5 million patients globally; over 200 corporations; and has been published in more than 100 peer reviewed major medical journals demonstrating the efficacy of its programs and improvement in health outcomes.

Previously, Mel was a Founding Partner and Executive Director of Scotiabank Private Equity Investments, where he invested over $500M primarily in financial services and information technology sectors.