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11th March,2024 Plenière

At a time when ageing populations are transforming our societies, it’s crucial to rethink how we perceive and harness the potential of ageing. This plenary session will examine the economic dimensions of ageing and how we can move from viewing ageing as a societal cost to embracing it as a dynamic source of new economic opportunities.

How is ageing reshaping our economies and what are the far-reaching implications for planning for the future? How can we recognise ageing as a powerful opportunity for economic growth, challenging the prevailing perception of ageing as a financial burden? What are the challenges and opportunities in realising the full potential of a silver economy? What is the role of policy and regulation in shaping its growth, and what strategies can governments adopt to encourage innovation and investment? Which sectors and industries have the most to gain from addressing the specific needs and preferences of an ageing population, and how can they tap into this huge potential? What inspiring success stories can guide us towards innovative models within the silver economy, and how can they be replicated and adapted for wider impact? Beyond the economy, how can we create a more inclusive society and redefine the role of older adults within it?

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