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Royal College of General Practitioners RCGP Lifestyle & Physical Activity Lead United Kingdom
What are the barriers for technology implementation in home and residential care?

Dr Hussain Al-Zubaidi is a lifestyle TV doctor and team GB age group long distance triathlete. Movement, community, and nutrition are three cornerstones of his personal and professional life. He has a varied portfolio career across several sectors. These include being the Royal College of GPs lifestyle and physical activity lead, Leamington personalised care lead, as well as a SWIM England and Nutritank clinical advisor. He runs a pioneering NHS based lifestyle clinic and fitness club helping to educate and support patients to eat better, move more and connect with their community. He has a strong focus on health span. Highlighting the lifestyle required to achieve and maintain the highest quality of life for maximum amount of time. He is a well-respected educator delivering numerous talks and lectures to audiences both professional and public including a regular TV appearances.