Date Hour Room Track
11th March,2024 Track 4

The integration of technology into residential care environments holds immense promise for improving the lives of older adults and their caregivers. However, this transition is not without its challenges. This panel discussion will identify the barriers to the implementation of technology in residential care, be it organisational obstacles, budget limitations or even reluctance to change. How to integrate novel technological solutions in already established infrastructures? How to make these technologies adaptable to the needs of each facility? The panellists will share success stories on the matter and explore strategies to facilitate a beneficial implementation of technology.

Susie A. Ruff - RUFF & CO. Business Innovation
Guillaume Gogué-Meunier - BELOVIA by MAT MED
Sascha Sassen - Korian
Hussain Al-Zubaidi - Royal College of General Practitioners
Geert Houben - Cubigo

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