Fereshteh Barei is an academic lecturer at Lyon Catholic University and Schiller American university in Paris. Her research program is focused on Therapeutic Innovation, Innovation for an Ageing population, Post crisis Business models and strategy. As a lecturer she discusses the case of business model innovation, product differentiation strategies and evolving R&D systems in international workshops and conferences. In June 2014, she Founded BIONOWIN santé Ave association, focused on professional training for pharmaceutical, Biotechnology and health care professionals. Since the beginning of Covid 19 pandemic she has organized several webinars on Vaccines and innovative treatments for the older patients: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCN-ews0XwGMmnM6ZygnHhcQ

Her academic publications are among the most read and cited. She has published in Paris a book about Innovation in the generic pharmaceutical industry in 2019.

She often travels in Europe to present the workshops and lectures and is based in Paris.