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02nd March,2022 Plenière

There is no such thing as a “typical” older person. Although dividing the older population by age may seem the easiest way to segment the silver economy market, this approach rather stresses the arbitrary and relative nature of age groups. Some people have physical and mental capacities at eighty comparable to those of young adults, while others experience a sharp decline in their abilities at a much younger age. When combined with significant differences in wealth and culture, the result is a wide range of older people’s experiences and needs that public health policies and innovators must consider.

How to offer concrete solutions to a diversity of situations and needs? How does this disparity affect older adults’ expectations? What is the current market segmentation for health innovations in the silver economy and according to what criteria? What are the most dynamic sub-sectors? What type of business model is best suited to meet this complex demand? What is the role of experimentation and co-construction with potential users in innovation strategies?

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