Conny Helder, CEO at tanteLouise

Extensive experience as CEO of healthcare organisations, in (university)hospital-, primery-  and elderly care. Always operating on the edge of research, healthcare and ict. With broad experience in management of strategic and scientific research.

Care Organisation

Stichting tanteLouise offers a complete package of services of home care, (assisted) living, care, nursing and supplementary services in the municipalities of Bergen op Zoom, Woensdrecht and Steenbergen.

TanteLouise currently employs 1,890 people and 850 volunteers. TanteLouise is a professional organization, providing nursinghome care, home care and rehabilitation care for the elderly. Providing care for over 1,150 clients in facilities, day care to more than 400 clients and specialist care in the home situation. It is one of the leading healthcare institutions in the Netherlands with a track record in innovation. Well known for its groundbreaking concept of care for people with dementia, tanteLouise continues in bringing new technology to the nursing home and home environment. Thus building a sustainable continuum for elderly in a vulnerable condition. Sustainable in being able to carry tomorrow’s burden with a growing demand and a shrinking workforce.