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29th January,2018 Plenière

As longevity rises, a growing population is likely to experience a decline in capability and independence, with increased demands for health and social care services. The consequences of ageing demographic trends in Europe appear to create societal as well as financial challenges and raises several issues. How to manage the necessary formal and informal care, services and health care costs to assist older and dependent people? Which part to be played by public health payers and private insurers?

Through feedback and discussions from different countries, this plenary session will review the ongoing experimentations and systems developed in Europe to manage the implications of the old-age dependency ratio.

Emmanuel Djengue - RGAX Europe
Hazel Harper - Innovate UK
Naomi Marie Yamagishi - Festasia
Carina Dantas - Cáritas Coimbra
Christine Asbury - WCS Care
Conny Helder - tanteLouise

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