After the success of the 1st call for projects “Silver Surfer 1.0”, launched by Eurasanté, we are proud to announce the launch of the 2nd call for projects: “Silver Surfer 2.0”.

The selected theme has wide ranging appeal while remaining very relevant to the Silver Economy:  Disability compensation.

Applicants must present a project related to the main theme and in relation with the followings categories:

    • Mobility: The digital era has brought new solutions for people with decreased autonomy, inside or outside the home, on public transport or in public places
    • Social link: Loss of autonomy reduces social interactions. The digital technologies offer new opportunities to improve the seniors’ social life
    • Respite: Technological advances could bring solutions to the time-consuming activity of caregiving
    • Alzheimer’s Disease : The prevalence of this disease will increase in the next few years and digital innovation offers many innovation opportunities (including monitoring, cognitive assessment, training and games


A 3-steps approach:

STEP 1 – 15th June 2016: Applications submission

STEP 2 – 22nd September 2016: Proof of concept/funding for the selected applications

STEP 3 – During AgeingFit 2017: Selection of winners after the presentation of the proofs of concept and pitching in front of a group of end-users.

The originality of this approach is the involvement of the end users in the selection of successful projects. This brings the innovations closer to the final users.


The winners will be selected during AgeingFit, in order to provide more extensive coverage at this event and the opportunity for projects to be submitted directly to professionals and end-users.

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