In 2023, one of the winners of the AgeingFit Innovation Pitches was WeWALK

WeWALK, represented by Jean-Marc Feghali came in second and earned the silver medal.

There are approximately 253 million visually impaired people worldwide, and many rely on the white cane, a simple tool primarily designed to provide ground-level obstacle detection. By equipping the white cane with modern technology, WeWALK delivers a safer and more independent mobility experience to visually impaired people.

WeWALK is more than a product, it fosters social inclusion by empowering visually impaired people.

Discover below the feedback from Dr Jean Marc Feghali, Head of Research and Development

Presenting our UKRI-backed project at AgeingFit was a truly productive experience, especially given the event’s highly relevant audience. From investors to developers, our introduction to France’s silver economy was accelerated, further bolstered by our silver medal win. On behalf of Gokhan and the WeWALK team, I reiterate our gratitude to AgeingFit and UKRI’s Healthy Ageing Challenge for facilitating such an enjoyable experience. Indeed, we are now better equipped to support our international visually impaired community.

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