Date Hour Room Track
29th January,2020 Track 2

Frailty is mostly associated with an increased vulnerability of older adults such as a decrease in physical activity, low energy, unintentional weight loss and loss of grip strength. However, frailty is not an inevitable consequence of ageing and can be prevented and managed to foster a longer and healthier life. Which role are digital solutions playing in the early identification and assessment of frailty core features?  How can they enable preventive measures to be applied in time? Which opportunities for improved and personalised geriatric interventions?

Albert Alonso - Hospital Clínic de Barcelona
Francesco Barbabella - Italian National Institute of Health and Science on Ageing (INRCA) // Linnaeus University – Sweden
Alpana Mair - Scottish Government
Alain Monteux - Tunstall France – Vitaris
Diane Whitehouse - EHTEL
Cyriac Azefack - Ecole des Mines

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