Date Hour Room Track
29th January,2020 Track 5

Though a majority of older adults want to remain at home, the homes themselves are often unsuitable and inadequate to continue living with safety and independence. While there is a growing awareness that new housing should meet and adapt lifetime home standards, most of the homes that will exist in 2050 have already been built. Therefore, improving and adapting existing homes should heavily be considered to enable ageing in place. Which innovations are required in both technology and delivery models to meet the needs of older adults at home and their carers? To what extent are the inhabitants included in identifying best practices and challenging planning and design?

Hervé Meunier - Filien Ecoute ADMR
Jean-Pierre Chaney - Les Bolders
Fabiano Compagnucci - Homes4Life
Caroline Mouminoux - Groupe LEGRAND
Ad van Berlo - Smart Homes

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