They pitched during AgeingFit 2020

Tuesday, January 28th | 4.30 pm  – 6.00 pm




LUMEEN: Lumeen is a mobile meditation tool that allows care professionals to organise immersive workshop to appease, stimulate and improve the well-being of elders.

REHABED: RehaBed is a solution for the prevention, treatment and rehabilitation of back pain and spine disorders.

WISIFY – TECH SOLUTIONS: Wisify’s assists professionals to analyse data related to nutrition and strength assessment, improving quality of life and decreasing the risk of injuries.


Social and managerial innovation:


LES AILES DES ANGES: LES AILES DES ANGES offers a service at home to replace family caregivers at night.

OURWAY: The OurWay app is an age-friendly solution to mobility issues, improve social cohesion and prevent loneliness.

FAMILEO: The Famileo app transforms digital messages into a physical newspaper for grandparents.

SPINOVA: A managerial innovation with a constructivist approach to project management supported by cognitive control.


Wednesday, january 29th | 9.00 am – 10.00 am


Digital solutions :


I-PROGNOSIS CONSORTIUM: A personalized Game Suite for Parkinson’s Disease targeting intelligent early detection and intervention.

MEDCLINIK: MedClinik creates mobile and digital solutions to connect patients to their health, treatment, healthcare providers and journey.

KIPLIN: Kiplin uses the levers of gamification and collective strength to deliver engaging PA connected programs.


Wednesday, January 29th | 2.00 pm – 3.00 pm

Assistive devices:


BOROBO: BOROBO designs a new generation of consumer and professional robots to carry loads for ageing people.

TEIACARE: Ancelia is a contactless, AI-powered solution, supporting nursing home caregivers in improving the quality of assistance to their residents.

TRUE ANGLE MEDICAL TECHNOLOGIES: The Mobili-T is a unique system that aids people suffering from a swallowing disorder.

The most innovative project received an award on January 29th at 4:00 pm

in the Innov’Area on the Exhibition area

i-PROGNOSIS, the most innovative project in the sector

The various Pitchs Innovation sessions finally rewarded the winning project: i-PROGNOSIS.

The i-PROGNOSIS consortium includes 11 partners from 6 countries, all members of the European Union. The cardinal objective of i-PROGNOSIS is the development of an ICT-based behavioral analysis approach for capturing, as early as possible, the PD symptoms appearance, and the application of ICT-based interventions countering identified risks. To achieve this, awareness initiatives are employed, resulting in i-PROGNOSIS community, targeting > 2200 older individuals, in order to unobtrusively sense large scale behavioral data from its members, acquired from their natural use of mobile devices (smartphone/smartwatch). To those identified and clinically validated as early stage PD patients, ICT-based interventions are provided via the i-PROGNOSIS Intervention Platform, including:
– a personalized Game Suite for physical/emotional support
– a targeted nocturnal intervention to increase relaxation/sleep quality
– an assistive interventions for voice enhancement and gait rhythm guidance


Participating in the Innovation Pitches at AgeingFit 2020, gave me the opportunity to share the main innovative solutions of the i-PROGNOSIS ecosystem based on early Parkinson’s Disease symptoms detection and early intervention in older adult’s everyday life, and at the same time, allowed me to get in touch with potential business, research and financial partners from healthy ageing sector across Europe and beyond. Being the first European business event dedicated to innovation in Silver Economy and Health, the i-PROGNOSIS Consortium is truly honored to win the AgeingFit Award as the most innovative project, and especially because was given by a world-renowned prestigious multidisciplinary panel of experts.”

Sofia Balula Dias, PhD, i-PROGNOSIS, Winner of the AgeingFit 2020 Innovation Pitches

Jury members

  • Christine Asbury, Chief executive, WCS Care
  • Romain Ganneau, Head of Social Initiatives department, AG2R LA MONDIALE
  • Claire Kamoun, Corporate Innovation Manager, ORPEA Group
  • Charlotte Krieg, Innovation, Prevention and Services, Eovi Mcd
  • Laurent Levasseur, CEO, Bluelinea
  • Valérie Michel-Pellegrino, Evaluation Centre Director, Médialis
  • Lise Pape, CEO, Walk With Path
  • Ingrid Rayez, Director, Venture, LBO France

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