They pitched during AgeingFit 2019

 January 29th | 4:30 – 6:00 pm

Fall detection:

  • E-vone: E-vone is an innovative telecare service based on a connected shoe that detects falls in all locations and alerts caregivers.
  • MintT: ISA is a fall prevention and detection solution for all services providing care to elderly people.
  • Morphée+: Morphée+ is a fall detection system without sensors.
  • Kaspard: Kaspard provides real-time information to nursing staff in case of a fall or extended time-out-of-bed of elderly patients in medical care facilities.
  • Anaxi Technology: Anaxi Technology specialises in the design, manufacture, and deployment of medical devices intended to prevent falls by the elderly.

Home care services :

  • ID1: ID1 is a 3-in-1 coordination tool linking home care professionals to healthcare professionals and families.
  • UNAIDE: UNAIDE develops and markets a home-based connected retirement home, combining human assistance and technology (AI and IoT).

January 30th | 9:00 – 10:00 am

Assistive devices:

  • Digni-T: Digni-T has designed a stable walking frame to help people suffering from severe diseases to walk and recover from their injuries.
  • Lergon’home: AssiStep is a stair aid that is a hybrid solution between a handrail and a stair lift.
  • Kerostin Mobility Solutions: Kerostin Mobility Solutions has developed and patented special wheels for wheelchairs to facilitate climbing steps.
  • Winncare: Winncare Group is committed to improving people’s independence and living conditions by providing them with solutions adapted to their needs.

Physical activity:

  • BeLab: BeLab has developed a disposable transdermal device for the physiological measurement of burned calories and water loss, combined with smartphone use.
  • Cottos Médical: Cycleo is an indoor social cycling activity for the elderly which stimulates a real bike ride.

January 30th | 2:00 – 3:30 pm


  • Camanio: Bestic is an assistive eating device designed for users with non-functioning hands or who need help eating.
  • Nutrisens: Nutrisens offers nutritionally effective products that taste good.
  • Winnov: Winnov has developed a personalised nutrition service, CDIET, aiming at detecting and curing malnutrition for older adults with the support of care organisations.


  • METANOIA: MS4TM is a foam for cutaneous use to prevent bedsores.
  • ALEP Prévention: ALEP Prévention organises ‘ageing simulation’ workshops to better understand the effects of ageing.


  • CONNECT’AGE: CONNECT’AGE is the first personalised multi-sensory game platform intended to stimulate the cognitive functions of the elderly.

Adapted environment: 

  • Aïna Lab: Aïna develops innovative and aesthetic products to adapt the environment of the elderly.

The most innovative project received an award on January 30th at 4:00 pm in the Innov’Area on the Exhibition area

Aïna, the most innovative start-up in the sector

The various Pitchs Innovation sessions finally rewarded the winning project: Aïna whose founder is Florence Mathieu. Aïna’s product, called Lumaïna, is an all-in-one bedside that can help elderly people taking into account their needs as well as those of their caregivers. It is a multifunction bedside companion (bedside table, lamp and storage) that can be adapted to different levels of autonomy: a motion detector illuminate the floor when waking up at night to prevent falls and the elements are all adjustable according to the needs. It is by mixing design, ergonomics and originality that Aïna has distinguished itself from other candidates and win the award of the AgeingFit 2019 best innovation.

We are very honored to have won the AgeingFit pitch contest against a panel of experts who have recognized the strength of our design approach that puts our seniors and their caregivers at the heart of the design of our solutions. This show was an opportunity to make beautiful meetings around the presentation of our product Lumaïna, an innovative bedside all in one that reinvents the lives of our elders and all of us.”  Florence Mathieu, Founder, Aïna, Winner of the AgeingFit 2019 Innovation Pitches

Jury members

  • Eric Boulanger, Professor in Aging Biology and Geriatrics, Université de Lille
  • Frank Bulens, Partner, Imec.xpand
  • Isabelle Corradi-Paumier, Head Collective Action and Community Development, FRANCE SILVER ÉCO
  • Jean-François Delage, VP Innovation Research, McCain
  • Aurélie Lolia, Head Healthcare and Social Actions, AFNOR Normalisation
  • Valérie Michel, Evaluation Centre Director, Médialis
  • Alison Munro, CEO, Alison Munro Corporate Language
  • Sébastien Podevyn, CEO, FRANCE SILVER ÉCO
  • Ingrid Rayez, Director, Venture, LBO France
  • Stéphane Roecker, Chairman, La French Tech Alsace and H2020 expert, Commission Européenne
  • Joris Wiersinga, Founder & CEO, SilverFit
  • Cécile Rousselot, Project Manager, Eurobiomed

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