And the winner is… Triple W!

During this 2nd edition of AgeingFit, 11 innovations were honored this last 7th February, 2018.

Among these 11 innovations, the company Triple W introduced DFree and won the Pitch Innovation Prize.
DFree is a wearable device which can predict when somebody needs to go to the bathroom. It analyzes the change of the bladder size by ultrasound sensors to predict the timing of urination.

©Triple W, DFree

We would like to provide our product DFree to 10M people until 2020 and make it as a new standard senior care with dignity without putting pressure to family or caregiver as we believe that can help people in the world . We already feel that AgeingFit and this prize help us a lot to develop our internationalization to achieve this goal. That was the exact reason why we joined the Pitchs Innovation so that we  very appreciated this opportunity and we would like to continue to find good partners or supporters to challenge together to create better life for our futur.” Naomi Marie, from Triple W.