Company Position Country
FIPRA Finland Special adviser, Health Finland
From bench to bedside: How to go from a European funded research project to the market in the senior care sector?

Tapani Piha worked in the European Commission from 2001 and served as Head of Unit for 14 years until August 2018. Since then he has advised the Finnish Ministry of Social Affairs and Health during the Finnish EU Presidency. He is also a Special Adviser on digital health and healthcare at Fipra International, working in Brussels and Helsinki.

During this time at the Commission he was responsible for digital transformation in healthcare, building digital cross-border exchange for e-prescriptions and patient data, setting up the European Reference Networks for rare diseases, implementation of the Directive on patients’ rights in cross-border health care, developing policies on Health Technology Assessment (HTA), among other topics, and served nearly 4 years as Head of Unit for Human Resources.

After completing the medical degree in 1980, he studied epidemiology, interventions on health behaviours health promotion and cardiovascular disease. He served the Finnish Ministry of Social Affairs and Health, and coordinated Finland’s EU policies in health in 1995-2001. At the WHO Regional Office for Europe in 1989-94 he was responsible for the Action Plan for a Tobacco-Free Europe.