Company Position Country
Roessingh Research and Development Researcher, Telemedicine group The Netherlands
How to improve elderly patient care in nursing homes with teleconsultation and telemedicine?

With a background in human movement science (VU University Amsterdam) Stephanie joined RRD in October 2008 as a research assistant on the MoyTel project. After this project she continued working for RRD as PhD student in the field of telemedicine. End 2014 she successfully defended her PhD thesis: “The added value of telemedicine service for physical rehabilitation”. She worked/works on a number of European and National projects, including MyoTel, CLEAR, PLAYMANCER, Condition Coach, NavMem, PERSSILAA, eWALL and, GOAL and Back-Up. In 2015 Stephanie past her GCP-WMO exam (BROK-registration) and since 2016 she is a member of the METC Twente. Her work mainly focusses on the (clinical) evaluation of telemedicine service.