Since 2018, I have worked in various ways both in Sweden and internationally with the silver economy. I started with one of our major public diseases among the elderly, namely malnutrition by working in the Swedish Innovation hub; Zero Vision for Malnourished Elderly . Through my background in management and economics I discovered that there were gaps in knowledge about how to calculate the costs of preventive elderly care in relation to the cost of reactive elderly care and how to measure and follow up the elderlies quality of life. I realized that there is a potential to both preserve or even increase elderlies quality of life and decrease the societies costs. This became my driving force to start Hestia Agora. We started 2021 as a consultancy in management and strategy whereafter we 2022 started to design and develop digital tools that helps the elderly care to early identify signs of illness, measure quality of life and to calculate how much preventive measures can reduce costs and preserve or increase quality of life.