Company Position Country
SHINE 2Europe Project Director Portugal
What are the new initiatives and solutions for caring for older adults in rural or isolated areas?

Natália Machado has a degree in Law, specialization, and master’s degree in human rights and PhD candidate in Law, specialization Philosophy. She is project director at SHINE 2Europe.

Drawing from her extensive experience in the social sector, a profound interest in the field of active and healthy aging has taken root. For over four years, she had the privilege of working with one of the foremost IPSS organizations in central Portugal, spearheading both national and international projects. Most of these initiatives revolved around enhancing the quality of life and autonomy of older individuals, effectively piloting innovations that make a difference. As she steps into the role of Project Director in SHINE 2Europe, she now plays a pivotal role in guiding and supporting her dedicated team, working in tandem with the CEO to manage a diverse portfolio of projects within the organization, contributing to the important field of research to promote inclusive communities for all citizens.