Company Position Country
CLB Managing Director The Netherlands
Can data collection and personalised monitoring enhance person-centred care among residents?

Mathijs grew up in a family where he was very close to social care, with his father being a pioneer in starting a respite care home for people with learning difficulties. As a young boy, he spent a lot of time with his ‘second family’. Now Mathijs is co-owner of CLB, a Dutch technology company specialised in innovative health care solutions. As managing director of CLB, Mathijs is passionate about providing acoustic technology within care home settings to ensure greater quality of life and uninterrupted sleep for residents. Mathijs works with different countries, cultures and people to cultivate new markets to enable better care for the elderly and those with learning difficulties. Something that should be a basic right for all. Prior to his role at CLB Mathijs achieved two Master degrees in Business Administration and Information Management. He has also held senior roles at Sound Intelligence, an acoustic technology company and Yakult.