Company Position Country
Institut Pasteur de Lille Neuropsychologist France
Innovative therapeutic approaches for neurodegenerative diseases

Manon graduated from Nice Sophia Antipolis University in psychology degree with a specialization in Neuropsychology in 2011. After a career focused on gerontology services in the screening of cognitive disorders and clinical research within the ConstanCES cohort (the largest epidemiological cohort in the French population contributing to research in many areas, including cognitive decline and its influencing factors), Manon turned towards prevention. In 2018, she joined the Health Prevention Longevity Center at the Pasteur Institute of Lille. There, Manon conducts psychological interviews, cognitive assessments, and individual follow-ups. She also works within the expertise department of the Pasteur Institute of Lille to contribute to the implementation of preventive measures in companies (workshops, webinars, conferences, etc.). Manon is also involved in research projects, including those on the benefits of a health assessment followed by collective support on the quality of life and behavior change of retired individuals. Manon has a particular interest in the prevention of cognitive decline, has started a thesis on markers of cognitive decline, and she also teaches courses at the University of Lille.