Diana obtained her degree in Mechanical Engineering and her PhD in solid state gyroscopes from the University of Hertfordshire (UH).  Diana has 28 patents granted on solid state sensors and more recently on medical applications relating to the use of these sensors.  In 2000 Diana was awarded an MBE for services to SMEs in the region and in 2002 she won the Women Inventor of the Year Award for Industry. In 2005 Diana was awarded an Honorary doctorate from the UH for services to innovation and is currently a visiting professor at the UH.

Diana and her husband are founders of the business that developed the sensor based gait monitoring product, GaitSmart.  This system is now in use in variety of healthcare and sports applications to identify and help people with mobility issues. These include Musculoskeletal conditions and older people at risk of falling or who have fallen. A number of papers have been published on these topics, including intervention programmes for older people to improve mobility and reduce frailty.