Company Position Country
Agecare Ltd EU Project Management Officer Cyprus
How to adapt existing digital technologies to older adults’ needs at home?

Andria Hadjicosta has graduated from the department of Radiotherapy and Oncology of Sheffield Hallam University, holds an MBA degree from the University of Cyprus with a focus on Service Management and Customer Service Path and has extensive work experience in the healthcare sector both in the NHS, UK and Cyprus. She is a competent user of advanced technologies in Radiotherapy such using 3D imaging software and equipment and interpreter of scans obtained from 4D imaging devices. Andria is an early-stage researcher with a particular scientific interest in ICT developments for older adults and vulnerable populations aiming to improve their autonomy and quality of life. For the last two years, she has been working as a Senior Project Manager at Materia Group’s Applied R&D Department and she is coordinating EU funded projects related to healthy ageing and assistive technology, social inclusion and healthcare.