Caregivers are in constant contact with patients and seniors and therefore involving them in the creation of innovative products and services seems obvious. However, in practice, the industry does not automatically think of involving this community of users in its research and development.

How can caregivers become more involved? What are the best ways to encourage innovative ideas from these professionals?

Listen to examples of success stories that highlight the importance of rethinking the innovation process and the impact this has had on market access for the resulting products and services.

They will share their experiences:

  • Metzenthin Philippe, Managing Director, MeDeTic Technologies, FR
  • Boissard Sophie, General Manager, Korian, FR
  • Zimmermann Gottfried, Professor, University of Stuttgart, DE
  • Pape Lise, Manager, Walkwithpath, UK
  • Vastenburg Martin, Managing Director, Connected Care, NL

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