Eurasanté is a non-profit agency engaged in technology transfer and business development of companies and start-ups in Life Sciences sectors in Northern France.

The regional network includes near 1000 organizations working in the field of Life Sciences, Nutrition and Healthcare.

Eurasante assists French and foreign companies interested in developing their activities or setting-up a business in Northern France. Eurasante provides many services such as access to public aids, find offices, administrative formalities, recruitment assistance, market studies…

It also promotes the Eurasante Bio-business Park, which already hosts 7 hospitals, 4 universities, 7 specialized schools and more than 160 companies.

It benefits from an exceptional location at the heart of Europe (near Paris, London, Brussels…).

Nutrition Health Longevity (NHL) Cluster is the only French cluster to combine Nutrition, Biotechnology and Health. Its objective is to gather and support players from the health and food sectors in designing, developing and financing the products and processes of the future.

It identifies opportunities: technology, market, product, financial aid. It facilitates exchange between potential and existing members and contributes to collaborative projects between academia, national and international public research institutions and private companies

The Cluster focuses on the fields of prevention and treatment of life-style related diseases, such as metabolic and cardiovascular pathologies, neurodegenerative diseases, but also intestinal bowel diseases.

In the Silver Economy and due to life expectancy increase, NHL innovates through 2 axis: Nutritional/food innovation for elderly people and diagnostic and therapeutic innovative solutions related to pathologies associated with ageing. For example, NHL cluster works on innovative transdisciplinary strategies to diagnose and treat Alzheimer’s disease. Another project is the conception of ready meals specially formulated for seniors…

The cluster’s network is composed of more than 100 organisations, including world leader companies in the fields of agro-food, ingredients, nutrition, biotechnology, pharmaceuticals and health, and internationally recognised key opinion leaders and practitioners.

FRANCE SILVER ÉCO exists since 2009 at the initiative of the Economy, Finances and Employment Ministry with the Health Ministry support.
The association represents the unifying actor of the healthy ageing sector: Its gathers and animates the national ecosystem.

Its ambitions:

  • To facilitate the innovative industry development and a qualitative economy in the healthy ageing sector.
  • To settle a references portfolio for the prevention of the dependence in France.
  • To sustain the professionalisation of the public purchases department and develop the innovative public purchase strategies.

EUROBIOMED is the catalyst of the health sector in Southern France.

EUROBIOMED leads territorial initiatives, provides resources and offers solutions for businesses and research organisations. EUROBIOMED helps them innovate, finance, develop and achieve their strategic and business objectives to ultimately improve life through innovations in health.

Founded in 2009 by regional stakeholders, EUROBIOMED tops European rankings in all stages of innovation: education, basic research, translational and clinical research, technological innovation centers, start-ups and Industrial success stories.

Together, the + 260 EUROBIOMED members from about 220 different companies are a driving force in regional development (with 160 projects, representing 585 million EUR of investment and 700 direct jobs) and a source of solutions for millions of patients coping with serious conditions such as cancer, chronic inflammatory disease, infectious and (re)emerging diseases, neurological diseases, and rare diseases.

EUROBIOMED provides resources and offers solutions for businesses and research organisations in the health sector to help them innovate, finance, develop and achieve their strategic and business objectives to ultimately improve the treatment and the lives of patients.


Eurasanté organises 4 annual events:


6th Edition
28th Nov and 29th Dec 2017
(1 300 participants)

Biotech & Pharma

5th Edition
14th-15th June 2017
(500 participants)

Nutrition & Health

1st Edition
28th and 29th June 2017
(500 participants)

Medical technologies, IVD and diagnostics

2nd Edition
6th and 7th February 2018
(+700 participants)

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