January 30th, 2019

Six companies have been selected by a jury of experts and end-users have received €50,000 (shared between companies) to carry out a proof of their concept within 100 days. Those technologies, showcased in the Innovation Gallery (booth n°F6-E5) have been evaluated by users panel and also by professionals.

  • NUTRI EARTH: Incubated by Euralimentaire (in Lomme), Nutri’Earth develops innovative high-quality insect-based food matrices adapted to the needs of the elderly. A unique and eco-responsible product made in France for the prevention of diseases (e.g. osteoporosis, sarcopenia) and age-related physiological imbalances as it is rich in useful proteins.
  • E-WEAR SOLUTIONS: Developed from the DAMARTEX Group’s R&D, the start-up E-Wear Solutions is developing a well-being monitoring tool for ‘sensitive’ residents in nursing homes using a connected textile, sensors, and a well-being index to be developed.
  • LIFEBLOOM: The LIFEBLOOM project aims at allowing disabled people and dependent elderly to be and stay active by walking and moving around upright thanks to an exoskeleton and a mobility monitoring solution.
  • MY CYBER ROYAUME: The company has developed virtual software fostering relaxation and escape using virtual reality which is specifically designed for the elderly. The software will allow the user to remotely experience a virtual trip with their family.
  • SICADE: The business is developing a wheelchair bay with ramp allowing disabled people to go up or down stairs at home without any transfer or assistance.
  • SIGO HEALTHCARE: The business’s project consists of a train carriage replica designed to be installed in care or nursing homes caring for residents suffering from neurodegenerative disease. The goal is to simulate a journey to appease the patient.

The winners of this 4th edition of Silver Surfer have been announced on January 30th on the Innov’Area on the Exhibition Area.


Launched in 2015, Silver Surfer is part of the Silver Economy landscape in the Hauts-de-France region as a reference initiative to support regional start-ups and SMEs offering innovative solutions to address the challenges of ageing and disability. The characteristic of Silver Surfer: Involving end-users in the process of selection, thus perfectly meeting their needs.

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