January 29th, 2019

How to support SME’s integration in the Silver Economy?

Silver SMEs lies in the identification and implementation of regional policies to take advantage of the Silver Economy derived opportunities to engage SMEs in growth and entrepreneurship spirit. Nine countries are involved in this project: Spain, Portugal, Ireland, Poland, Sweden, Slovenia, Belgium, Italy and France.


  • Company experiences: How can companies overcome difficulties in developing their products/services in the Silver Economy sector?
    Experience from 3 companies (Housing/Health-Wellbeing/Robotic & ICT subsectors).
  • Institutional experiences: How can public policy help SMEs to develop their project/business?
    Experience from 3 regional institutions.


The strategic objective of SILVER SMEs is to improve the implementation and delivery of Regional Policies for SMEs competitiveness by building on significant opportunities arising from the Silver Economy.
The Silver Economy can be defined as the economic opportunities arising from the public and consumer expenditure related to population ageing and the specific needs of the population.
In the framework of the project, partners will focus on the opportunities for the development of SMEs to produce goods and products for the retired population (from 62 years onwards), especially for those living in peripheral and rural areas.


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