January 29th, 2019

Organisational and technological innovation serving seniors and aging well

Conference held in French

New needs of seniors, evolution of dependence, home automation and connected objects… Specialists in aging well and care for the elderly will bring their expert opinion on issues related to ageing population.


  • The elderly, medical practices, and care. How should geriatric specificities being included in treatment in health care institutions and home hospitalisation?
    Valérie FRAPART, Geriatrician and Medical referrer Gerontology sector – Santélys
  • Ageing well thanks to the Longevity Health Journey
    Professor Eric BOULANGER, Professor of Geriatrics and Biology of Ageing – University of Lille Medical Director of the Longevity Health Prevention Centre – Institut Pasteur de Lille
  • Coordination and home care of the elderly. What are the possibilities?
    Thomas MAENHOUT, Director of Coordination and Quality of Fitness Courses – Santélys
  • Adapted housing and innovation: Homilys residences connected to the independence service
    Frédéric CHAUSSADE, Director of Strategy, Medical Affairs and Innovation – Santélys
  • Seniors’ Independence Challenge: Programmes and tools to preserve the independence of the elderly
    A representative of CARSAT Nord-Picardie


SANTÉLYS is a recognised public-interest non-profit association specialised in health, medical and social welfare, and training in the Hauts-de-France region. Santélys has been a pioneer in its main fields of operation since it was crated some 120 years ago, and it continues to provide innovative solutions promoting the continuous improvement of the overall care provided to the patient and the home user.

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