January 29th, 2019 | Lille

« Advanced in age and fragility, Silver-Economy and Mutual »

Conference held in French

Early identification of the signs of age-related frailness or even anticipating those signs, will allow everyone to better live the ageing process. The Silver Economy must integrate this fundamental societal issue.
Guarantor of the values of solidarity and better living together, a mutual health insurances such as Apréva is becoming a major player in the support of ageing, including in developing strong prevention actions and an offer of innovative services tailored to the needs of each. Therefore, for Apréva, innovation becomes a constitutive element of meaning that carries all its actions: to allow everyone to live his age well.


Apréva is the leading health insurance company in the Hauts-de-France region. With over 80 years of rich history, Apréva is constantly reinventing itself, adapting to the evolution of society and of the healthcare sector. Both responsive and effective to address challenges, Apréva is not only a complementary financial recourse. It animates and strengthens its common project around the idea of «benevolence at all times». Therefore, Apréva is involved in sustainable actions to support health, balance and well-being of its members. Independent professional, employee, employer or retiree, Apréva supports every day, in all areas, and is committed to providing solutions to live peacefully, at any age.

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