Phlecs & VirtySens
elected most innovative projects in the sector

Phlecs, start-up from the Netherlands, et VirtySens, French start-up,
respectively represented by David Aubert (Co-Founder and Director)
et Guillaume Lucas (General Manager), winners of the 2022 Innovation Pitches.

Phlecs is delighted to receive the Ageing Fit 2022 innovation award, for their Ful Body Blue Light device that leverages more than 15 years of clinical research and technology development originated at Philips. Elderly itching impacts significantly older adults’ quality of life and current treatments have important limitations due to overmedication, potential side effects and the time it requires to provide skin care. Ageing Fit 2022 was the perfect place for Phlecs to introduce its innovation, the Full Body Blue Light, a phototherapy device that treats elderly itching, and related comorbidities such as hypertension and depression. Ageing Fit 2022 has been very successful for us, we have made many contacts with potential customers and partners. We are grateful to receive this award because it will help us to increase the market traction and convince investors for the Series A round, we have just initiated.

AgeingFit is an event – more than just a trade fair – open to the international scene, with attentive organisers and highly committed partners. It is undeniably “The place to be” for all the players in the ageing well ecosystem, who are looking for a quality event where international experts and participants come together.

A strong pitch competition with a great promotion of the companies during the event but also on the web. It certainly requires preparation, but the results are so qualitative that it is worth it! Let’s pitch at AgeingFit!

Phlecs is a Dutch start-up founded by 4 former PHILIPS employees with many years of experience in photo-dermatology. Over the last 15 years extensive clinical research has been conducted on photo-dermatology treatments using UV-free LED lighting. Many studies have been published that show the efficacy of blue light therapy for the treatment of skin diseases such as Psoriasis, Eczema or itching. New studies, not yet published, confirm the safety and effectiveness of blue light therapy for the treatment of inflammatory skin diseases such as elderly itching. The Phlecs Full Body Blue Research device that has been introduced last year after obtaining the medical CE certification. The device is currently used by dermatology clinics to do research on blue light and will be used in large nursing homes that have the facility to provide the treatment. Phlecs has initiated the development of a Full Body Home connected device that brings therapy at patient’s bed with 2 patent filings this year. This device will be launched in 2026, sold to nursing homes and home care service providers.

Virtysens is a French company based in Somain in the North of France. This solution was created for people in long term care or in a handicap situation, in order to “get out” of their daily life and to (re)connect to strong sensations and emotions, sometimes forgotten. It is an innovative non-medicinal therapy, adapted to motor, psychological and sensory disorders.

VirtySens’ mission is to bring well-being and relaxation to patients in retirement homes, hospitals or medical-social institutions. To achieve this, VirtySens has created a virtual reality capsule that stimulates the four senses and allows the patient to travel around the world. The capsule diffuses odours and hot or cold winds. It is a kind of reverse teleportation system.




Arbitryum: Social innovation | Tech for Good | Action-Research

Cutii: Social link | Elderlies | Telepresence robot

Le Comptoir de l’Hirondelle: Dignity | Support | Inclusion

VirtySens: Multi-Sensory | Relaxation | User-friendly


Cell Environment: Telomeres | DNA damage | AgingCare

Cog Audio: Cognition | Presbyacusis | Prevention

 Eforto: Muscle fatigability | Early detection | Healthy ageing


Calmedica: Telesurveillance | Digital divide | SMS

 Stylos Design: Mobility | Safety | Communication


 Entusia: Dignity | Sustainability | Cost saving

Marie Ange & Flory: Dignity | Smart | Tailor made


vCare: Rehabilitation | Parkinson | Virtual Coach

Anne4Care: Smart Avatar | Speech | Day structure

 CogniVitra: Embedded AI | Digital health | Healthcare innovation

Neoppy: Prevention | Digital | Human

Smartwork: Unobtrusive Sensing | Work Ability Sustainability | Digital Health

The Care Hub: Elderly care | Social impact | Digital platform

The Longevity Factory: Longevity | Employability | Dreaming


BeLab: Connected patch | Monitoring | Reduce expenditures

 Phlecs: Elderly Itching (Senile Pruritus) | Phototherapy | Digital health

 Tada Medical: Patented technology | Breakaway connector | Elderly Care


ActivInside: Prevent cognitive decline | Clinically proven | 100% natural

Stimul’In: Dementia | Cognitive and social stimulation | Anxiety relief


  • Benoît Bentouhami, Founder, e-Health Conseils
  • Yaël Benvenisti, CEO, Mediterranean Towers Ventures 
  • Alexandra Bertrand, Silver Economy Consultant, Eurasanté
  • Eric Kihlstrom, UK Ambassador, Aging2.0
  • George MacGinnis, Challenge Director, Healthy Ageing, UK Research and Innovation
  • Nathalie Masson, Open Innovation Project Manager, Aésio Mutuelle
  • Marion Menay, Innovation Project Manager, Clubster NSL 
  • Sandra Suijkerbuijk, Programme Manager Digital Innovation, Surplus 
  • Jean-Jacques Temprado, Full Professor, Université Aix-Marseilleet Head of Chair, Active Aging 2.0

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