Ageing in the digital era

The digital revolution is ongoing. Our daily activities are permanently linked to connected devices, online services and always-on connectivity. For persons losing their autonomy, new perspectives of care and support are emerging. Will autonomy be increased? How will nursing home stays evolve? What about active and assisted living at home? Which place does the user have in recent technological advances?

Based on their significant experience, experts will highlight these key issues and answer your questions. To conclude, attendees will discover the “healthy ageing” in the digital era through the perspective of the film industry.

A large number of movies focus on the connection of population ageing to the social environment and its evolutions. With the development of technology, the connection to the others and to the world is increasingly a matter of image and the cinema enable us to experience a different outlook on “healthy ageing” in the digital era. Following an audio-visual presentation and film excerpts you will get an original perspective on this upcoming revolution.



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