Pr Dr med Patrizia Anna d’ALESSIO, MD PhD

Expert for inflammatory diseases, cell senescence and aging


Prof. d’Alessio studied Medecine and Hematology at the University of Milan, earned her PhD in Haemorheology from the Utrecht University and worked as professor and researcher in Cell Biology at the Universities of Paris 5 René Descartes and Paris Sud-11. Her work has been focusing on cellular mechanisms of premature cell senescence due to inflammatory stress able to induce and accelerate diseases. These findings and her results constitute the hallmarks of her research.


Following a bio-guided study of over 2000 plant extracts (collaboration ICSN CNRS Gif sur Yvette / University of Hanoi, Vietnam / Academy of Medical Sciences China, Beijin) she identified 4 molecules that fight cellular stress. In 2005, she established the R&D start-up AISA Therapeutics, following the French Ministry of Higher Education and Research Award for Innovative Enterprises.


Since 2015, the AISA Moleculum trademark, resulting from 10 years of preclinical and clinical studies – including the European FP7 Ristomed project – offers a dietary and cosmeceutic supplement to relieve stress and inflammation targeting the growing 65-85 population, but also immune compromized syndromes such as psoriasis.


Prof. d’Alessio has organised several symposia dedicated to the relevance of nutrition for health (IIC) or the importance of biological models (ENS) in the recent history of science. She is co-author of such transdisciplinary books as « Architecture of Life : from Plato to tensegrity » (Brepols, 2007) and « La Sinuosité du Vivant » (Herman, 2012). Invited lecturer at international conferences all over the world, her favorite communications deal with personalized and preventive medicine, as well as the relevance of chronic inflammation for aging and cancer.


Pr Dr Patrizia D’ALESSIO MD PhD

2005 Award Innovative Entrepreneurship Ministry of Research France University Paris Sud-11 Biopark Cancer Campus