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Northern Health Science Alliance Chief of Staff United Kingdom
How can ICT companies, health providers and pharmas collaborate to enhance chronic disease management in older patients?

Nicola originally trained in mental health and psychological interventions before moving into clinical leadership of student mental health and wellbeing in 2006, and moving to a Faculty post working as a Senior Lecturer and Programme Leader in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy in 2010; from 2012 until 2015 she was Senior EU Health Specialist, the strategic and operational leader of the North of England European Health Partnership before becoming Director of Northern Health Matters, an independent healthcare consultancy.
From late 2016, Nicola supported the Northern Health Science Alliance (NHSA) in building pan-regional collaborations, research partnerships and operational management and was appointed as their Chief of Staff in September 2017.
The Northern Health Science Alliance Ltd (NHSA) is a health partnership established by the leading Universities and NHS Hospital Trusts in the North of England to improve the health and wealth of the region by creating an internationally recognized life science and healthcare system.
The NHSA acts as a single portal bringing together research, health science innovation and commercialisation to provide benefits for researchers, universities, hospitals, patients as well as commercial partners.
Within her remit as Chief of Staff, Nicola is responsible for the coordination of the ‘Active and Healthy Ageing North (AHA North)’ network, a coalition of four 3* EIP-AHA Reference Sites that sit within the North of England, created to maximise on the existing pan-regional expertise in older adults’ health and to collectively tackle the common challenges of better care for the expanding demographic of older adults who reside in the North of England.
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