The AgeingFIT 2019 conference programme is designed to address the main issues of the senior care market and aims at creating exchanges between: entrepreneurs, industrials and investors as well as caregivers, researchers, associations and regulatory authorities.

The 2019 programme is structured around 5 tracks addressing the challenges of the fast-paced elder-care economy and markets.


Managing the loss of autonomy of the ageing population in Europe: How can we sustain a virtuous circle of growth in the silver care market?

TRACK 1: Exploring the European senior care market

  • Financing innovation in the senior care market: What are the recent trends and who are the new players?
  • Which impact have European funding programs had so far on the innovation projects of the senior health economy actors?
  • Advancing interoperability between healthcare systems to enhance elder care coordination: Case studies of European developments

#financing #interoperability #patientjourney

TRACK 2: Connected healthy ageing

  • How are the data generated by IoT in the ageing context accelerating knowledge, quality of care and innovation?
  • Telecoaching as a preventive approach for elderly people: How is it disrupting the landscape of telehealth?
  • Case studies of the internationalisation process from the sector of ICT & dependency:
    What are the main drivers and constraints senior care entrepreneurs face today to scale up through internationalisation?

#data #telecoaching #internationalisation

TRACK 3: Innovative nutrition for healthy ageing

  • Which opportunities for value creation do nutrition companies have on the senior market?
  • Going back to the plain meaning of nutrition: Which innovative services combining diet and physical activity for healthy ageing?
  • What are the most recent evolutions in EFSA indications relating to healthy ageing products?

#marketing #physicalactivity #regulation

TRACK 4: Innovation in nursing home equipment and services

  • How are nursing homes purchasing capacities dedicated to innovative equipment evolving in different European regions?
  • How to improve elderly patient care in nursing homes with teleconsultation and telemedicine?

#longtermcare #telemedecine

TRACK 5: Innovation in home care

  • Hundreds of living labs but how many adapted homes really available?
  • How to involve family caregivers and the elderly people in order to ease acceptancy and effective use of the technology?
  • Smart city: Which challenges and opportunities in designing age-friendly solutions?

#homeautomation #usereducation #autonomy

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