The AgeingFit conference programme discussed all the aspects of the healthy ageing sector. It was organised in three tracks: “From needs to ideas”, “From ideas to innovation” and “From innovation to market”.

Tailored to fit our multi-faceted audience, the AgeingFit 2018 conference programme featured topics related to retirement homes internal innovation processes, collaborative and open innovation, prevention, and gave a focus on market access, financing and regulations.

Track 1

From Needs to Ideas

This track will deal with how the needs of the ageing population can be translated into ideas for innovation.

Caring for senior patients necessitates a better understanding of their needs and how they are not fully met. This understanding is necessary to identify leads for progress and start the innovation process: How do the specificities of the mature patient define the creation of specific products or services?

In order to obtain maximum information on the seniors’ needs, caretakers must participate in the intel-gathering process and be given the appropriate reporting tools. How can we achieve this level of reporting? How can we use this information to define new products or services or better ways of using existing techniques and technologies? How can work groups promote out of the box thinking? What are the promises of cross-sector partnerships and how can they be encouraged?

Track 2

From Ideas to Innovation

The innovation process starts with specific, identified needs. These ideas must then be expressed in a formally-defined project, with clear goals, paths and perspectives. Achieving a proof of concept is an essential step for securing funding and a comprehensive benchmark study must be conducted, taking into account potential market evolutions.

What are the best practices for collaborations between start-ups, corporations and academic ventures? In parallel, how is the healthy ageing R&D process financed and by whom? Where can innovative companies obtain their funding?


Track 3

From Innovation to Market

Bringing innovations to the Silver market can prove difficult, no matter how great the need. In this track, we will focus on the translation of innovative products to marketable products and services.

Older people tend to favour traditional media channels which are difficult to access for newer companies. How can the ageing population’s consumer behaviours be defined? How could Silver innovations be better marketed?

Seniors also tend to have lower purchasing power and harder access to credit, which limits their ability to purchase costly innovations, such as AAL devices. How can we ensure increased access to these new technologies for the ageing population?

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