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About AgeingFit 2017 Conference Programme:

Organised in three tracks (“From needs to ideas”, “From ideas to innovation” and “From innovation to market“) the AgeingFit conference programme discussed all the aspects of the healthy ageing sector.

Tailored to fit our multi-faceted audience, the AgeingFit 2017 conference programme featured topics related to retirement homes internal innovation processes, collaborative and open innovation, prevention, and gave a focus on market access, financing and regulations.

AgeingFit 2017 Conference Programme in details


Plenary Session February 2nd, 11:00 am – 12:30 pm

    Moderator: Jackie Marshall-Cyrus, Innovation Consultant, Jackie Marshall-Cyrus & Associates, UK
    • Anne Smetana, Chief Consultant, Healthcare Denmark, DK
    • Sir John Oldham , Adjunct Professor Global Health Innovation, Imperial College London, UK
    • Nadia Frontigny, Director, Public Affairs, Orange Healthcare, FRANCE

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February 2nd, 2:00 pm – 3:30 pm Preventive healthcare: Exploring big data’s rising role in active and healthy ageing The focus on preventive care, well-being and reducing re-admission rates in hospitals is increasing. As healthcare costs continue to soar, the cost saving benefits of big data technology, which has already been adopted by the industry, are becoming increasingly apparent. Therefore, it would be useful to discuss the impact and possibilities of big data on the active and healthy ageing market in the future. For example, can we imagine using personal health data to encourage people to be proactive about preserving their health by implementing positive lifestyle changes? To what extent can this information be used by the health insurance sector? What security and ethical challenges does this type of data collection present? Our panelists will discuss the impact of big data on preventive care and its limits?  

    Moderator: Bowden Richard, CEO, Assess Patients, IE
    • O'Donoghue John, Senior Lecturer in eHealth & Deputy Director Global eHealth, IMPERIAL COLLEGE LONDON, UK
    • De Kezel Stefaan, Programme Director Innovation & Smart Synergies, Ageas, BE
    • Chronaki Catherine, Secretary General, HL7 Foundation, BE
    • Brichet Francis, Health Manager, Coreye, FR
    • Robert David, President and Founder, AETERNAM, FR

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February 2nd, 9:00 am – 10:30 am Currently, indicators used worldwide to determine the costs associated with healthcare and retirement for seniors are based on chronological age. People are often considered as “old” when they reach 65, sometimes even earlier. However, improvements in healthcare and life expectancy also need to be considered. As people grow older, their quality of life is determined mainly by:

  • The ability to maintain their autonomy and independence
  • A healthy life expectancy, which is how long people can expect to live without disability or illness
It is therefore very complicated for companies to qualify and quantify the size and potential of the senior market, in addition to considering important cross-cultural differences. How big is the market? Do several smaller markets exist? How can a business navigate in this constantly evolving and disparate sector? We will aim to identify where the boundaries between active and dependent consumers blur and how to assess the right target users, with concrete examples provided by our panelists.
    Moderator: Marshall-Cyrus Jackie, Innovation Consultant, Jackie Marshall-Cyrus & Associates, UK
    • Savarese Domenico, Head of Ageing Director, Life & Health Products, Swiss Reinsurance Company, CH
    • Van Berlo Ad, General Manager, Smart Homes, NL

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February 3rd, 11:00 am – 12:30 pm Many seniors are interested in becoming involved in research projects which target the healthy ageing market. However, when it comes to involving more dependent seniors or those affected by cognitive decline, their participation is more complex. Whether collaborative research involving seniors is effective or not depends a lot on the expected outcome, the techniques used (such as narrative interviews, focus groups or surveys) and the research framework. How can we overcome the challenges encountered and obtain the best results from these collaborations? We will hear how our panelists dealt with similar issues, which strategies they applied and the outcomes.  

      Moderator: Connolly Anne, General Manager, IRISH SMART EXCHANGE, IE
      • Roggeman Geert, Director, OCMW, BE
      • Epstein Monique, Director, E-Seniors Association, FR
      • Cesaroni Francesca, Project Coordinator, COOSS Marche s, IT
      • Urdaneta Elena, Research Director, Basque Culinary Center, ES

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February 3rd, 9:00 am – 10:30 am Caregivers are in constant contact with patients and seniors and therefore involving them in the creation of innovative products and services seems obvious. However, in practice, the industry does not automatically think of involving this community of users in its research and development. How can caregivers become more involved? What are the best ways to encourage innovative ideas from these professionals? Listen to examples of success stories that highlight the importance of rethinking the innovation process and the impact this has had on market access for the resulting products and services.

      Moderator: Metzenthin Philippe, Managing Director, MeDeTic Technologies, FR
    • Boissard Sophie, General Manager, Korian, FR
    • Zimmermann Gottfried, Professor, University of Stuttgart, DE
    • Pape Lise, Manager, Walkwithpath, UK
    • Vastenburg Martin, Managing Director, Connected Care, NL

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February 2nd, 4 pm – 5 pm Financing projects in the healthy ageing market can be a real challenge because preparing a solid business plan and identifying the market potential is challenging in this evolving and disparate market. Transforming an idea into an innovative product often requires clever financing options in order to cross over the ‘valley of death’ on the road to market. Our panelists will explore various classic and alternative financing options available and how they can be used depending on the maturity and type of project?

  • What are investors’ criteria to finance innovative healthy ageing projects?
  • Have PCP (pre-commercial agreement) and PPI (procurement of innovative solutions) been under-utilized in promoting innovation?
  • How can charities and family offices become involved in financing R&D ageing innovation?
  • Is crowdfunding adapted to financing this stage of project development
      Moderator: Moreno Perez Sofia, Independent Consultant, ES
      • Jonker Pim, Sales Manager, Achmea Zilveren Kruis, NL
      • Jones Tim, Manager, ALLIA, UK

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February 2nd, 5:00 pm – 6 pm Moderator: Lewis Leo, Senior Fellow, Integrated Care Foundation, UK

  • Martinez Usero Jose Angel, Responsible for International Affairs, FUNKA, ES
  • Illario Maddalena, Researcher, Campania Region, IT

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February 3rd, 2:00 pm – 3:30 pm Evaluating products for the senior market has proven to be imperative in order to ensure end-user acceptance and optimal use. How can we choose the most appropriate tests for these products (real life compared to laboratory situations)? What are the challenges related to evaluating products in nursing homes? How can we set up and manage these evaluations?

      Moderator: Hagman Adam, Manager Health Robotics, ROBOTDALEN, SE
      • Apuzzo Gian Matteo, Project coordinator, SMARTCARE/ ASUITS, IT
      • Adriaensen Ingrid, Project Manager, Licalab, BE
      • Karthik Srinivasan, CEO, Nextstepdynamics, SE
      • Jean-Sébastien Moinier, Director, Tarkett, LUX

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The distribution and payment of senior care products and services to the appropriate end user represent real challenges.  The ability to scale up businesses to meet these conditions requires strategic thinking. How can a company find the right distribution partner among the variety of purchasing organisations, digital platforms, distributors and manufacturers on the market? What strategy can they apply to navigate in these uncharted waters? These subjects will be explored in detail by our experienced panelists. Moderator: Frédéric Serrière, Manager, Serrière Consulting, FR

  • Jean Louis Zufferey,  Independent consultant, JLZ Consulting, CH
  • Nick Guldemond, Associate Professor Integrated Care & Technology, Institute of Health Policy & Management, NL
  • Caty Ebel Bitoun, Lead Change management, ACVFIT, FR

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