Date Hour Room Track
02nd February,2017 12 am Track 2

February 2nd, 4 pm – 5 pm

Financing projects in the healthy ageing market can be a real challenge because preparing a solid business plan and identifying the market potential is challenging in this evolving and disparate market. Transforming an idea into an innovative product often requires clever financing options in order to cross over the ‘valley of death’ on the road to market. Our panelists will explore various classic and alternative financing options available and how they can be used depending on the maturity and type of project?

  • What are investors’ criteria to finance innovative healthy ageing projects?
  • Have PCP (pre-commercial agreement) and PPI (procurement of innovative solutions) been under-utilized in promoting innovation?
  • How can charities and family offices become involved in financing R&D ageing innovation?
  • Is crowdfunding adapted to financing this stage of project development
      Moderator: Moreno Perez Sofia, Independent Consultant, ES

      • Jonker Pim, Sales Manager, Achmea Zilveren Kruis, NL
      • Jones Tim, Manager, ALLIA, UK

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