Date Hour Room Track
02nd February,2017 12 am Track 1

February 2nd, 9:00 am – 10:30 am

Currently, indicators used worldwide to determine the costs associated with healthcare and retirement for seniors are based on chronological age. People are often considered as “old” when they reach 65, sometimes even earlier. However, improvements in healthcare and life expectancy also need to be considered.

As people grow older, their quality of life is determined mainly by:

  • The ability to maintain their autonomy and independence
  • A healthy life expectancy, which is how long people can expect to live without disability or illness

It is therefore very complicated for companies to qualify and quantify the size and potential of the senior market, in addition to considering important cross-cultural differences. How big is the market? Do several smaller markets exist? How can a business navigate in this constantly evolving and disparate sector? We will aim to identify where the boundaries between active and dependent consumers blur and how to assess the right target users, with concrete examples provided by our panelists.

    Moderator: Marshall-Cyrus Jackie, Innovation Consultant, Jackie Marshall-Cyrus & Associates, UK

    • Savarese Domenico, Head of Ageing Director, Life & Health Products, Swiss Reinsurance Company, CH
    • Van Berlo Ad, General Manager, Smart Homes, NL

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